Leadercast vs. Leadership Development

Leadercast is coming to Dallas this spring.  Leadercast is a one-day leadership event broadcast live from Atlanta to hundreds of locations worldwide.   During this day-long event, attendees will hear short video presentations (approximately one hour) by Malcolm Gladwell, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Jack Welch, Laura Bush, motivational speakers, and authors.  Local sponsors include my church which is, for practical purposes, part of the SMU campus, and organizations that have long, strong, and broad relationships with SMU—Interstate Batteries and Methodist Hospital System, for example.

Leadercast promises to be an inspiring event.  However, it should not be confused with leadership development.  Leadership development leads to sustained behavior change and improved organization performance.  It requires building self-awareness, interpersonal discernment, skills in forming and leading teams, mobilizing large groups, leading change, taking a multiple stakeholder perspective, and engaging within the community.

Best practices to achieve this include:

  • Building a business case & competency model
  • Selecting the right partner and establishing a collaborative working relationship
  • Accessing learning opportunities in the workplace, classroom and community
  • Providing support for application & behavior change
  • Defining expected results and appropriate measures

An integrated approach that uses all those resources will develop an effective leadership talent pool that results in speed, business performance, and organizational effectiveness and for individual leaders, expanded networks, career advancement, and engagement.  But it takes a more serious commitment and investment than Leadercast.


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