Creating a Great Place to Work

Recently, the final session of the Certificate in Management program was held. Led by the program’s Academic Director, Cheryl Jensen, participants discussed the impact of climate on business results, how leadership styles can maximize business results and key concepts from the entire Certificate in Management program.

According to studies by The Hay Group, climate can account for 28-30% of the variance in business results between similar companies. And managerial behavior has a significant impact (70%) on business results.

Elements of a Best Practice organizational climate include:
• Clarity
• Standards
• Responsibility
• Flexibility
• Rewards
• Team Commitment

Management styles include:
o Accomplishing tasks to high standards of excellence
o Long-term professional development of others
o Creating harmony
o Providing long-term direction
o Requiring immediate compliance
o Building commitment and generating new ideas

What is your management style? Does it vary according to individual and circumstance? What is your boss’s style most of the time?


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