What people are already saying about the Master Negotiations program

“I’m only half way through the Master Negotiation program and it’s already proved to be extremely valuable,” said Mark Slighton of 7-Eleven IT management. This powerful two-day course trains you to take advantage of the gain-gain approach, today’s most respected method of negotiation. “The role playing has been really helpful.” Carefully crafted negotiation simulations give participants a fascinating, hands-on opportunity to test and refine their skills. Mark’s role at work revolves around contract negotiations, and he feels he will take back a greater understanding of when, why and what to bid for greatest gain.

Jon Kidwell’s manager and vice president at Parsley Energy both have taken the class before and recommended it to him. “I’ve gained a greater understanding of the value of a bid, and the meaning of value as it applies to both sides of a negotiation,” said Jon.

The Master Negotiation I class began on Tuesday and continues through today.

The tools and strategies participants are learning will prepare them for success in principled and profitable negotiation with peers, clients, customers and adversaries. The course’s interactive design provides individualized attention to help each participant diagnose their current approaches—and strengthen or replace them with proven, powerful skills. The insights they are gaining will enable them to be soft on people but tough on issues.


  • Testing and continually improving mastery of negotiation skills
  • Avoiding common and costly negotiator biases
  • Mastering effective first bids, counter bids and strategic anchors
  • Assessing the advantage of real and imagined alternatives to settlement
  • Understanding the explicit and implicit value associated with every outcome
  • Understanding the difference between being ethical and being fair
  • Assessing real versus perceived sources of power
  • Shifting the power balance in your favor painting truthful—but strategic—pictures in the minds of other parties and using them for your benefit
  • Acting and reacting more effectively during a negotiation
  • Understanding and obtaining the traits of master negotiators
  • Determining how you are perceived and creating an image that helps you succeed
  • Dealing effectively with the most difficult negotiators
  • Conducting an effective post negotiation debriefing session