Now is the time to plan for the fall.

Professional DevelopmentThe Fall 2018 Certificate in Leadership and Certificate in Management programs, created to help you and your company deliver value that others cannot, betters your position compared to competitors, and helps your learn how to adapt your organization to uncertainty and volatility.

Our Leadership Series teaches the skills and tools you need at critical junctions in your corporate career.

The Certificate in Leadership program will broaden your base of leadership skills and knowledge — giving you the tools needed to enhance your leadership skills and assume greater responsibility.

Today’s successful leaders are broad thinkers with a global perspective that extends far beyond their own self-interest. In ten challenging sessions, this dynamic leadership development course for mid-level and experienced leaders will transform your leadership vision and approach from the inside out.  You’ll master the nuances and challenges of assembling and managing external teams. You’ll move out of your comfort zone and develop your own personal style of authentic leadership that enables you to coach others, nurture talent and lead change across organizations and multi-generational teams. You’ll learn how to maximize your company’s most valuable, volatile asset—human capital—and strengthen your skills in strategic thinking that looks beyond the crisis of the hour.

The Certificate in Management course will strengthen your understanding of management, and help you utilize key business activities and tools, interpersonal skills, new technologies while exploring the impact of changing organizational structures.

If you’re already a front-line manager or a leader moving into management for the first time, this powerful 10-session management course will arm you to handle the toughest challenges.

You’ll learn how to build and work effectively with teams, hone your communication skills and motivate others. Because flexibility and agility are critical in today’s workplace, you’ll learn how to recognize work and learning styles and how to resolve interpersonal conflicts when styles collide. You’ll gain practical skills in organizing work and managing projects—from simple to complex. You’ll understand how to manage and measure performance and learn how to apply critical thinking skills to every decision.

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