How to Build Exceptional Business Strategy

The “Building Exceptional Business Strategy” two-day seminar next week will enable participants to develop a business strategy for their own organization as an integral component of the course. David Lei and Simon Mak will share key strategic concepts in an easy-to-understand format that permits participants to apply ideas and tools directly to their current business needs.

The study and discussion will offer the opportunity for each individual to answer the following strategic questions about their own business:

  • How does your organization deliver value in a way others cannot?
  • How is your organization positioned against competitors, existing and future?
  • How well adapted is your organization to uncertainty and volatility?

Here’s a diagram describing the curriculum of the two-day program:


The Model Strategies section of the seminar will enable each participant to develop, modify and/or enhance their own organization’s business model with the help of the Business Model Canvas:


The program will be held next week on March 1-2. For more information go to: