Last week I was ill.  I missed two days of work, and the other days before and after were far from full strength.  Of course, last week, like all weeks, was the worst possible week to be sick.  The calendar was packed with crucial appointments.  However, the illness forced me to focus and prioritize much more intently than usual.  I found that among all the items packing my calendar, only a very small number, two or three, actually required my presence in a way that would have been awkward had I been too ill to be there. 

I am back among the living now, and, thanks to antibiotics, I was able to participate in that handful of events last week to good effect.  It is amazing how illness concentrates the mind.  Can I remember this lesson in managing my calendar and commitments, at least for a little while?   I expect I would be more productive.  However, a university offers a great many temptations.

Would anyone like to place a bet or suggest another method of accountability?