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Denise Bumford is our most experienced program manager.  She is responsible for the administrative and logistical arrangements that combine with instruction to provide a total educational experience at Cox Executive Education.  Here, in her own words, is what Denise would like you to know.

As a program manager in Cox Executive Education, my mission is to see participants have an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. I work closely with Frank Lloyd, Bill Joiner and Shelette Stewart and instructors to produce a carefully planned program designed to meet the needs of corporations and the individuals who work for them.

I take corporate and individual commitment to learning and development seriously and take care to ensure that time spent in advance and in the executive educati
on classroom is worthwhile. I believe clear communication from pre-work activity through the final classroom session is essential to delivering a good program experience.  It is important to me to be welcoming and supportive so that any “real world” distractions from the program are quickly handled and minimized.  Primarily, I want participants to have a good time on the SMU campus, make new acquaintances and return to work with practical new ideas and skills.

I grew up in South Florida, but have stayed in Texas since attending TCU in Fort Worth and then marrying a native Dallasite.  I have a BFA from TCU and an MA from Goucher College.