By Dr. Miguel Quiñones, Academic Director, SMU Cox Latino Leadership Initiative

Organizations are recognizing that Latinos represent a critical source of leadership talent for their long term success and sustainability.  In partnership with a number of Fortune 1000 companies, the Latino Leadership Initiative at SMU’s Cox School of Business developed the Rising Latino Leader program to increase the performance of aspiring and first-time supervisors. The program focuses on the critical skills needed by individuals seeking and occupying their first leadership role such as:

  • Becoming an effective leader
  • Driving performance, engagement and trust
  • Difficult conversations
  • Business acumen (financial statements and value creation)
  • Motivating others for success
  • Understanding and developing resilience
  • Developing influence and social capital

A Hispanic cultural lens is applied throughout the program to enhance self-awareness and impact.  The program also includes a leadership skills assessment as well as interactions with highly seasoned Latino/a executives to help drive application and relevance.

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