In today’s always-on, always-connected business landscape, companies need to leverage the entire range of digital technologies—from social media and mobile to the Internet of Things—to compete effectively and deliver stakeholder value.

Leaders must make current and emerging technologies an integral—and effective—part of their overall business strategy. They need to leverage technology in business processes, products and services, and interactions with customers, suppliers and partners.

Most important is a comprehensive, multifunctional planning approach that encompasses every aspect of the organization—from marketing and operations to workforce considerations and cultural impact—to guide digital strategy and drive digital innovation.

Critical elements include:

  • Developing a digital strategy and building it into your business model
  • Using that strategy to drive digital initiatives
  • The processes for support—online and offline
  • Choosing initiatives that go beyond transactions to support customer decision-making
  • Stimulating product innovation and benefitting from customer collaboration
  • Controlling big data and business intelligence
  • Winning with social and mobile
  • Innovative customer engagement in social networks
  • The performance measures that really count
  • Measuring return on investment from digital initiatives
  • The change management implications of digital transformation

The new Digital Strategy program will be led by the following faculty:

AMIT BASU, PH.D. Carr P. Collins Chair in Management Information Systems; Chairman, Information Technology and Operations Management Department, SMU Cox School of Business

Amit focuses his teaching and research in a range of dynamic areas, including digital strategy, electronic commerce, workflow management, and knowledge, database and decision-support systems. He’s a pioneer in the development of leading-edge graduate programs at the intersection of information technology and business. Outside of academics, Amit has helped leading private and public organizations create innovative digital strategies, including Accenture, Belgacom, Cisco, Dow Corning, eTex, IBM, Leonidas, Merck, State Industries and the State of Maryland.

STEVE MUYLLE, PH.D. Partner, Professor of Marketing and Digital Strategy, Marketing Area Chairman, Vlerick Business School; Professor of B2B Marketing, Ghent University

Steve’s research focuses on digital strategy and business marketing. In addition to his roles as teacher and researcher, he works regularly with leading companies in the U.S. and Europe, including Adobe Systems, BNP Paribas Fortis, Dow Corning Corporation, LBi, Hewlett Packard, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Microsoft, Milliken, PeopleSoft (now Oracle), Procter & Gamble, Seimens and dozens more. Steve’s work has been published in leading scientific outlets, including California Management Review, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, MIT Sloan Management Review and others.

ULRIKE SCHULTZE, PH.D. Associate Professor in Information Technology and Operations Management, SMU Cox School of Business

Ulrike’s interests in digital technology and its transforming effects on work and life are wide ranging. Most recently, she’s explored the impact of social media on how we form, repair, maintain and revise our sense of selfworth and personal significance. Her latest research—centered on the virtual world Second Life—examines how social media shape our identities—who we are and who we can become?

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