Bus Strategy

Faster. Better quality. Lower cost. More innovative.

These words challenge you each day to uncover ways to create value for ever more demanding customers and their rapidly changing needs. A sound strategy can guide what you choose to do and how you choose to do it to survive, grow, and prosper.

This two-day seminar will enable you to answer three essential questions to develop a robust and adaptable strategy:

  1. How does your organization deliver value in a way others cannot?
  2. How is your organization positioned against competitors, existing and future?
  3. How well adapted is your organization to uncertainty and volatility?

It will present key strategic concepts in an easy-to-understand format that permits participants to apply ideas and tools directly to their current business needs.

How you will benefit:

  • See how your organization is positioned in the marketplace and discover opportunities for value creation
  • Learn new ways to think about your competition
  • Gain confidence by developing scenarios to plan your organization’s future
  • Uncover how hidden biases and current competitive strengths can impede effective strategic thinking •
  • Gain new tools to:
    • Assess the strategic landscape that impacts every industry and business
    • Analyze the way your organization creates value for customers
    • Identify the sources and flexibility of your competitive advantage
    • Plan scenarios to help you meet uncertainty and volatility


 Program Instructors

David T. Lei, Ph.D., is associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, teaching strategic management and global competition. Lei’s research interests include corporate strategy, strategic alliances and technology-based investments.  He is currently examining the impact of strategic alliances on building new sources of competitive advantage. Lei is a consultant to leading organizations and has written a book on global strategy, knowledge-based competition, and organization design. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics and mathematics from Swarthmore College and a doctor of philosophy degree from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University.

Dr. Simon Mak is professor of practice in the department of strategy, entrepreneurship, and business economics and the associate director of the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship at SMU Cox. He specializes in business model strategies, start-up business planning, and implementing innovation and entrepreneurial growth strategies within established organizations.

Prior to joining SMU in 2004, Dr. Mak worked in engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies Raytheon and Digital Equipment Corporation, and then joined a venture capital-backed software start-up in Silicon Valley that went IPO. He was involved in his own dot.com startup and presented to top-tier venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, and then was the vice president of sales and marketing for a start-up business magazine, and most recently he was vice president of marketing and business development for a small, private-equity backed software company in Dallas and led the sales expansion into the Japanese market and the eventual company sale to a large Japanese systems integration company.

He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an MBA in Finance from SMU Cox, and a Ph.D. in Applied Science (Systems Engineering focus) from the SMU Lyle School of Engineering.

“Simon Mak has extensive expertise in entrepreneurial leadership and the process for new ideation in start-ups as well as within established organizations,” said Cynthia Tucker, Solutions Business Development and Client Advisor, Echologics Engineering Inc. “I attended SMU’s Formulating and Implementing Exceptional Business Strategy seminar course this year – this is a must take for anyone in the Dallas area interested in business strategy and modeling. The class was well worth the time and investment… Simon and David Lei are fantastic!”