EFA course

Essentials of Finance & Accounting          September 11 – 13

As you advance in your career–or make the leap as an entrepreneur–a fundamental knowledge of how finance and accounting work is critical to success. Creating and managing budgets, building financial plans, and projecting and controlling costs are just a few of the skills that need to become second nature. We’ve designed this powerful course to get you there.

This three-day program will arm you with a basic understanding of accounting and finance concepts. Led by expert SMU Cox finance and accounting faculty, you’ll explore:

  • Fundamental accounting and finance concepts
  • Introduction to financial statements
  • Using accounting and financial data to plan for the future
  • Time value of money and capital-budgeting basics
  • Understanding commonly used investment analysis techniques
  • Understanding cost/volume/profit relationships
  • Performance metrics and measurement-based strategy implementation and performance evaluation
  • Strategic financial statement analysis including ratios, cash flows and accounting analysis

Bottom line–you’ll learn to use financial information to make better strategic business and investment decisions.

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Essentials of Finance & Accounting